Over the past 3 years, Alliance – International Medical has devoted itself entirely to the sale and sale of in vitro and ELISA diagnostic reagents.
Our little experience in sales and sales of clinical diagnostic reagents allowed Alliance – International Medical to expand a wider and more competitive range of products of the highest quality.
“Alliance – International Medical”, sells products in a new production format, direct deliveries from the factory SPINREACT Sant Esteve de Bas. Girona This plant was built in accordance with the latest standards for the chemical industry, as well as in compliance with environmental requirements.
The quality system implemented by SPINREACT is certified according to ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 13485-2016.

And also the company “Alliance – International Medical” is a direct dealer manufacturing “Coretests, Inc Technologies”.
Coretests is a multinational corporation that produces medical reagents and rapid tests. Coretests is headquartered in California, but its products are based in China and expanded globally with numerous subsidiaries.

Currently, the quality system implemented by Coretests, Inc Technologies is ISO9001, ISO13485 certified, and the products have received certification and approval from CE in Europe and the FDA. United States Food and Drug Administration.

Currently, the Alliance – International Medical company services more than 1000 diagnostic and research laboratories in Uzbekistan and the CIS countries, the number of which is increasing every day .. The company follows international business management standards. Quality products certified to ISO 9001.